Best administrative optimization

Optimizing the administrative management of your enterprise is essential for its sustainability and success. We mean by administrative optimization, the capacity to gain efficiency while controlling costs. Assisting and accompanying you daily is at the heart of our firm’s concern in order to guarantee the optimization of the management of your company.

The administrative organization is the heart of an efficient operating of your enterprise. All services are concerned by this optimization approach.

Outsource your administrative management to us

Cabinet Marchiche provides you with consultants specialized in the various components of the company. They intervene to:

  • The implementation of management dashboards in Business Intelligence.
  • The accounting management: outsource accounting and fiscal functions.
  • The Human Resources: outsource payroll and the HR management.
  • The accompaniment to company’s direction with the coaching of the manager : manage his time, organize his tasks, manage priorities …

Objective of the optimization

The objective of administrative optimization is to gain in efficiency and reduce costs. Cabinet Marchiche supports you to identify the levers of optimization at all levels and offers you personalized solutions (software, Human Resources, outsourcing, etc.)

The Firm is thus developing a true “Lean Office” approach to maximize administrative performance. A process related directly to the human-being and his ability to improve continuously. Cabinet Marchiche supports the company manager and his collaborators in this virtuous approach of optimizing management of the company.