Cabinet Marchiche supports business leaders on a daily basis and provides executive coaching assignments in all sectors of activity. We let you benefit from our experience and our versatility to enable you to run your company efficiently

Accompaniment to the company's management office

A personalized and individual support for the management is offered to the executive. The objective is to allow the executive to focus on the development of his company thanks in particular to the strong involvement of our consultants.
Cabinet Marchiche ensures regular support, verifies compliance with the accounting calendar and the realization of important financial and economic events.
Whether it is during a transmission, a creation, a cession or a takeover of a company, we lead the company’s executive to ask the right questions at the right time. We share our strategic vision with our client.

Executive coaching

Present on a daily basis, we accompany the executive at each step of his company’s life cycle to give him every chance of developing in a sustainable way.

Beyond the financial and accounting elements, it is a global accompaniment that is proposed: optimization of the administrative organization, management of Human Resources, and international development …