What is Professional employment outsourcing (PEO) ?

The Professional Employment Outsourcing is a solution that makes it possibly for the enterprises to resort to a resource, without hiring, thanks to the rapid implementation of contracts that articulate the relationships between the three actors:

  • The benefiting company (you);
  • The Carried (consultant or expatriate);
  • Cabinet Marchiche, who ensures the portage.

The Steps of the Professional Employment Outsourcing:


Before the signature of the contracts

The benefiting company: You define with the Carried the terms of reference of the mission or the description of its future position, the conditions of remuneration and other benefits.

Cabinet Marchiche: We establish a service contract with The benefiting company and a contract of employment with the Carried. These two contracts are interdependent, particularly in terms of condition , duration and remuneration.


During the period of the contracts

The Carried executes the mission with the benefiting Company.
Cabinet Marchiche ensures the administrative management of the Carried’ employment contract.
Cabinet Marchiche periodically invoices the benefiting Company and pays the salaries of the Carried.


After the signature of the contracts

Cabinet Marchiche and the benefiting company are bound by a contract of benefits services that Cabinet Marchiche is committed providing.

Cabinet Marchiche and The Carried are bound by employment contract according to which this latter provides the service defined in the terms of reference.

Advantages for the company

Integrating a consultant under the status of Professional Employment Outsourcing gives you many advantages!
By using Professional Employment Outsourcing, the benefiting Company, regardless of its size, chooses fluidity.
The Company doesn't need to conclude a classical employment contract involving administrative and tax burdens.

Simplification of the management of the employees.

Reactivity & rapidity of implementation.

Mastery of the costs.

Security of the invoicing.

Juridical and fiscal security.

Optimization of your treasury.

Advantages for the Carried

The Professional Employment Outsourcing allows you to work independently and to carry out your professional activity independently without creating a legal structure, to be relieved of the administrative management related to your activity and to benefit from a salary status on demand. The Portage company invoices the client company on the basis of a contract and pays you a salary that constitutes the remuneration for the service performed in the client company.

The employee status

While retaining the liberty of a consultant, you benefit from an employment contract that justifies your income. We ensure the mandatory or complementary social security coverages.

Minimized risks

The progress and remuneration of your assignment are secured within the framework of a contract established between the benefiting Company and the Cabinet Marchiche.

Optimized remuneration

By setting up a legal and fiscal framework adapted to each mission, based on a legal structure of the country's law.

Simplified piloting

Cabinet Marchiche takes care of the administrative and follow-up relations with your client and reports back to you.

You remain focused!

Discharged of administrative and management constraints, you can concentrate on your core business and develop it.

Our services of Professional Employment Outsourcing

You define the work conditions with your candidate: salary, bonuses, allowances, displacement charges, mission and description of post, etc...
Our mission, as a service provider of portage salarial, consists in formalizing these agreements.

In practical terms, Cabinet Marchiche will draft two interdependent contracts that will be based on the negotiated conditions:

    • Affiliation of new employees to all local social organisations, establishment of the various certificates (of work and salary, etc…), calculation of the balance of any account in the event of resignation or dismissal.

Contracts are drafted after a precise analysis of the legislation of the country where the mission will be carried, and notably the company’s fiscal obligations. The Carried and the Firm will ensure that internal compliance rules are respected.

After signing the contracts and starting the mission, we ensure the following tasks:

  • Reimbursement of employees’ personal expenses (subject to customer approval with the provision of invoices and/or receipts for employee expenses).
  • Drafting of an employment contract in compliance with the regulations in force.
  • Retrieval of monthly payroll variables.
  • Processing of monthly salaries.
  • Production of a detailed monthly payroll processing report per employee including calculation formulas.
  • Coverage of salary payments as well as monthly social security and tax contributions.
  • Monitoring of employees’ annual leave, special leave and sick leave.
  • Assistance and support for all employees in all social issues throughout the duration of the employment contract.
  • Affiliation of new employees to all local social organisations, establishment of the various certificates (of work and salary, etc…), calculation of the balance of any account in the event of resignation or dismissal.
  • Sending and archiving of deliverables.